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Rehabilitation Services

We offer a full range of specialized therapy and rehabilitation services for individuals who require care in an inpatient setting. Advanced therapeutic services address a wide range of orthopedic, neurological and other disabilities, diseases and conditions, including:

• Hip and knee injury for conditions such as a fracture or surgical recovery
• Cardiac conditions such chronic heart failure and coronary artery disease
• Neuromuscular diseases
• Stroke

Park View's multi-disciplinary team includes a physiatrist, attending physician, restorative nurse and therapists. Our highly skilled therapy team is available 7-days-a-week in our specialized therapy gym.  We utilize innovative therapy approaches with proven results.  An individualized plan of care is created and monitored throughout the therapy regimen with the goal of returning to an optimal level of physical function and mobility.

A note about Short-term Rehab Stays

For residents who will only join us for a short stay to recuperate following hospitalization, we offer our renovated transitional care stay area. Read more about our accommodations here.

Therapies include:

Physical Therapy – concentrates on improving physical impairment, aids in pain management and helps to prevent future injury. Among its many benefits, it increases strength, mobility, motor control, coordination, balance, range of motion, endurance and ability to walk.

Occupational Therapy – focuses on impairments that limit functional abilities and independence to perform activities of daily living. Our team helps residents to master tasks and adapt to social and physical environments. These include the abilities to eat, bathe, groom, dress, cook, etc. Safety and future injury prevention are also addressed. We assess and make recommendations and modification suggestions for a resident's home.

Speech Therapy – concentrates on improving communication skills and safe swallowing. Therapy includes treatment for language and vocal expression difficulties, voice control and comprehension improvement. Processing, expression and memory can also be improved through therapy.